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Fashioning The Frame

RRP $29.95

The body has been the focus of much recent critical attention, but the clothed body less so. In answering the need to theorize dress, this book provides an overview of recent scholarship and presents an original theory of what dress means in relation to the body.

Identity relies on boundaries to individuate the self. Dress challenges boundaries: it frames the body and serves both to distinguish and connect self and ‘Other’. The authors argue that clothing is, then, both a boundary and not a boundary, that it is ambiguous and produces a complex relation between self and ‘not self’. In examining the role of dress in social structures, the authors argue that clothing can be seen as both restricting and liberating individual and collective identity.

In proposing that dress represents ‘a deep surface,’ a manifestation of the unconscious at work through apparently superficial phenomena, the book also questions the relationship between surface and depth and counters the notion of dress as disguise or concealment. The concept of the gaze and the role of gender are approached through a discussion of masks and veils. The authors argue that masks and veils paradoxically combine concealment and revelation, ‘truth’ and ‘deception’. Here the body and dress are both seen as forms of absence, with dress concealing not the body, but the absence of the physical body.

This provocative book is certain to become a landmark text for anyone interested in the intersection of dress, the body and critical theory.

Ymba It's My Business Fashion Design

RRP $15.99

The YMBA educational series is designed with Middle School (grades 6 to 9) students in mind. The YMBA It's My Business: Fashion Design is an exciting workbook that can be enjoyed independently or as a capstone to the YMBA learning workbook series. YMBA Fashion Design provides students with a workbook that combines topics from the YMBA learning workbooks as students CHOOSE their OWN business decisions in this decide-as-you-go format. At the completion of the workbook students score their decisions and view their business results.

The YMBA series presents one topic at a time in adetailed and simple to understand format. Ideas are approached and discussed in a variety of methods to capture a students learning style.

Business concepts are generally introduced to students at the end of high school or in college. YMBA believes students can achieve an understanding of the business world and life skills with the use of comprehensive introduction style learning workbooks. YMBA topics are discussed using relevant examples that are based on familiar student scenarios. This pattern keeps students engaged and actively learning by asking for on-going student input. In the It's My Business series the decisions made by the student are tabulated at the end of workbooks so students can compute the success of their own decisions. As a student completes the learning workbook you will likely see a demonstration of pride and confidence in their new business and daily life skills.

Recognizing business aspects and interactions in a marketplace will establish a foundation for learning the aspects of any profession to one day be chosen by the student. YMBA skills are in every industry and understanding business and daily life skills is essential for future success.

So why wait?

Achieve more with YMBA learning workbooks and provide a path for future accomplishment.

Cool Street Style Fashion Coloring Book For Adult Grownups And Girls

RRP $18.99

$8.99 $7.99 for a limited time only Cool Fashion Coloring Books For Girls: Street Style Coloring Book for Adult Grownups modern adn street fashion coloring books, Fashion Coloring Books For Adults, Teens and Girls Fashion Coloring Books has recently launched fashion coloring book for Adults, women, Teens and Girls on Amazon. This book is introduced in order to inspire creativity as well as to reduce the level of stress among adult. 20 Fashion Pattern Design Cool Style Fashion: Optic Color-block, Grunge Is Return, Sporting Life, Hiphop Line, Vintage Since, Preppy Rich It Is Printed On 8 X 10 Inches Paper Size, High Quality, So You Have Plenty Of Space To Work In Details Creatively. After You Complete It, You Will Have A Piece Of Lovely, Modern And Abstract Art Work, Which Is Worthy To Hang On Wall Or To Be One Of Your Sweet Home Decoration. Street Fashion Coloring Books Series Fashion Street Style Coloring Book (Volume 1) https: // COOL Street Style Fashion Coloring Book (Volume 2) https: // Angel Fashion Coloring Book (Volume 3) https: // Fashion Flower Princess Coloring Books for Girls Relaxation (Volume 4) https: // Follow me: https: // http: //


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