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Plant And Crop Modelling

RRP $231.99

This book is a textbook (it includes, for example, exercises and outline solutions). The plant scientist is shown how to express physiological ideas mathematically and how to deduce quantitative conclusions, which can then be compared with experiment. There is little new biology in the book, but it is presented in a way that will be new to many biologists. The matching of models to experiments means using mathematics for formulating biological concepts and second, using algebra, calculus, or, now more frequently, computers to solve or simulate the resulting model; and finally, comparing, qualitatively or quantitatively, prediction to measurement. Computers are the important enabling technology that makes it all possible: solving equations, assembling models of increasing sophistication and complexity, and comparing theory with experiment. The book is divided into three parts. Part I. Covers subjects of wide relevance to modelling and plant biology. Part II. The reader may choose to select topics of particular interest from part II. However, the whole-plant modeller will need to study all chapters, and the plant ecosystem modeller may need to add other material also. Part III. Plant morphology is at an introductory level. It is included because morphological characters may prove to be of equal importance to some physiological traits in determining plant function and performance. "This textbook presents, in an interesting and clearly written fashion, a mathematical approach to a wide range of topics in plant and crop physiology, including light interception, leaf and canopy photosynthesis, respiration, partitioning, transpiration and water relations, branching and phyllotaxis. The biochemistry of plant growth and maintenanace is also presented in some detail. I was very pleased with the text, especially with the philosophy presented by the authors that biological models are necessarily simplifications of complex detail. I would strongly recommend it for reading and consultation by graduates and research workers." J. Exp. Botany "The authors' approach succeeds admirably, giving a thorough account of the mathematical toolbox available to researchers and the areas in which those tools have been used." Plant, Cell and Environment "Combining considerable technical cleverness with creativity and the refreshing notion that science is a "common-sense, unpredictable, fascinating and thoroughly human activity." Times Higher Educational Supplement "Exceptionally scholarly volume. Logical and systematic. Authors have assembled a mass of mathematical material in an elegant layout." Agricultural Systems

A Model Mayor

RRP $18.99

In this age of moral obtuseness, political corruption, and servile, cringing timidity of officials before vice and crime, it is cheering to know that there is occasionally one who, independently and fearlessly, wields the sceptre of power, which is placed in his hands, and, with full determination to conquer, grapples with every form of iniquity, making law;, order and virtue triumphant. It is especially gratifying, in a great city like this, where lawlessness, immorality, bloodshed and murder have been almost unimpeded, to see a magistrate rise above the selfish desire to aggrandize himself, and scorn to pander to the corrupt desires of his constituents. The manner in which the lowest dregs of society in New York, composed in part of the scum of Europe's prisons and alms-houses,, have outraged all decency and good order, not only in the foulest dens of infamy and amid the darkness of midnight, but in our fashionable streets and in open daylight, calls for an outburst of indignation from every moral and religious man. It calls for more; it demands action - at the polls, by petition, and especially by sustaining those in authority who dare to face the terrific storm which threatens to overwhelm them at every step they take in wrenching the dagger from the hand of the assassin, in rescuing female virtue from the grasp of the debauchee, and in endeavoring to disperse the dark and threatening clouds of moral contamination which almost entirely hide from our view, the light of morality and religion. The loose manner in which the laws have been administered in this city for several years past is notorious; aye, the utter want of principle in many, of our highest officers and their contemptible endeavors to aggrandize and enrich themselves at the expense of good citizens, have made, us a reproach not only to this whole nation, but to European cities. It is a humbling fact that the tea-room and whiskey-bottle have influenced many of our highest officers, far more than a desire to fearlessly and faithfully perform their duty, and endeavor to be in reality as they should be, a terror to evil doers.
Some of our chief magistrates have commendably endeavored to reform and renovate the city, and have succeeded to some extent for a short time; but have seemed finally to be overwhelmed by the immense tide of opposition and corruption -with which they were surrounded, and to have given up in despair. We are fully aware that a man must have almost superhuman inflexibility, fearlessness, and perseverance, to stem the tide; but it CAN BE DONE. True, it may be at the risk of slander and even life; but it can be done. The laws are good, and only need a few modifications. Let them be executed. No matter what the consequences are. Let opposers resist; let the envious growl and defame; let the dens of licentiousness gnash their teeth; let the assassin prowl along our pathway, endeavoring to silence us in death; and let the wail of revenge against us ascend from the cells .of our penitentiaries and prisons; but let us do our duty in the fear of God, and all will be Well. He whose eye cannot look - upon iniquity with allowance, will bless us as magistrates, as individuals and as a city....

Using The Medical Model In Education

RRP $86.95

Medicine, and particularly neuroscience, appears to offer the kind of educational quick fixes that politicians and the public would love to have. Following media reports of drugs that seemingly improve learning and memory, David Turner examines commonly held beliefs about learning, knowledge and intelligence, and critically assesses such claims. Using the Medical Model in Education then moves beyond the immediate, fashionable or any specific substance, to a deeper examination of what society does or should expect in terms of results, from the educational system. Many of the underlying problems facing science and education have persisted, with slight modifications, over decades and even centuries. By pointing to parallels between current debates and those presented in works by Aldous Huxley, Ludwig Wittgenstein or Noam Chomsky, the book shows that the important question is not whether or not we should administer modafinil in our schools, but whether we should think about education in medical terms at all.

A Bright Cold Day [fashion Photo Book]

RRP $13.99

This fashion photo book will light up your day with 30 stunningly dark photographs.

"Black is such a happy color!" -Floyd, Model

A Simple Model Of Biblical Cosmology

RRP $70.95

This book presents a simple but controversial view of the creation of the universe. The Bible is the inerrant word of God, and what the Bible teaches should be the basis for any model of creation. Secular science does not agree, but all should study different theories and models, especially in a college and university setting where different points of view should be tolerated and encouraged rather than suppressed.


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