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Make Me A Model

RRP $14.99

Dress up and make up sticker fun Use the stickers to dress up the models and create a mix and match flip book for endless fun. Use the stencils and pattern sheets to design your own fashion creations. Colour and create your own model makeovers. Flick the corner of the colouring pages for model animation. Includes 5 models and 5 sticker sheets for hundreds of cool combinations all presented in a funky plastic cover shaped into a bag Also available Make Me a Super Hero.

A Business Model For Entrepreneurship

RRP $245.99

This book takes an original approach to business models and entrepreneurship, resulting from a durable involvement with entrepreneurs and from experiments combining theory and practice. The authors present the generation, remuneration, and sharing business model, which relates to the value generation, its remuneration and the sharing of this remuneration. They also outline the role and the central place of the business model within the entrepreneurial process; the theoretical bases - conventions theory, resource based view and stakeholder theory - and the construction of the GRS model; the experiments conducted within teaching, practical, and theoretical frameworks; and the contribution of the business model to a theory of entrepreneurship theory. The book explains why the business model can be useful for entrepreneurs and why it is relevant to set it in place during the entrepreneurial process. Students and researchers who are interested in entrepreneurship will find this an important resource for developing a new business. Management coaches, often interested in the most recent developments of management research, will have no difficulty moving between the theory and practice set out in this book. Finally, curious entrepreneurs will read this study not to seek immediate solutions to a problem but to reflect on the topics addressed here that show that the business model is not just a fashion but is highly useful.

Plant And Crop Modelling

RRP $231.99

This book is a textbook (it includes, for example, exercises and outline solutions). The plant scientist is shown how to express physiological ideas mathematically and how to deduce quantitative conclusions, which can then be compared with experiment. There is little new biology in the book, but it is presented in a way that will be new to many biologists. The matching of models to experiments means using mathematics for formulating biological concepts and second, using algebra, calculus, or, now more frequently, computers to solve or simulate the resulting model; and finally, comparing, qualitatively or quantitatively, prediction to measurement. Computers are the important enabling technology that makes it all possible: solving equations, assembling models of increasing sophistication and complexity, and comparing theory with experiment. The book is divided into three parts. Part I. Covers subjects of wide relevance to modelling and plant biology. Part II. The reader may choose to select topics of particular interest from part II. However, the whole-plant modeller will need to study all chapters, and the plant ecosystem modeller may need to add other material also. Part III. Plant morphology is at an introductory level. It is included because morphological characters may prove to be of equal importance to some physiological traits in determining plant function and performance. "This textbook presents, in an interesting and clearly written fashion, a mathematical approach to a wide range of topics in plant and crop physiology, including light interception, leaf and canopy photosynthesis, respiration, partitioning, transpiration and water relations, branching and phyllotaxis. The biochemistry of plant growth and maintenanace is also presented in some detail. I was very pleased with the text, especially with the philosophy presented by the authors that biological models are necessarily simplifications of complex detail. I would strongly recommend it for reading and consultation by graduates and research workers." J. Exp. Botany "The authors' approach succeeds admirably, giving a thorough account of the mathematical toolbox available to researchers and the areas in which those tools have been used." Plant, Cell and Environment "Combining considerable technical cleverness with creativity and the refreshing notion that science is a "common-sense, unpredictable, fascinating and thoroughly human activity." Times Higher Educational Supplement "Exceptionally scholarly volume. Logical and systematic. Authors have assembled a mass of mathematical material in an elegant layout." Agricultural Systems

Fashion, Policy, Creativity, Image, Family.

RRP $274.99

Devotion of professions, humane orientation, respect for national, economic, cultural and political problems of people of the world does the identity of the politician desired and reliable in partnership. Gallery!

The Thermoballistic Transport Model

RRP $436.99

The book presents a comprehensive survey of the thermoballistic approach to charge carrier transport in semiconductors. This semi-classical approach, which the authors have developed over the past decade, bridges the gap between the opposing drift-diffusion and ballistic models of carrier transport. While incorporating basic features of the latter two models, the physical concept underlying the thermoballistic approach constitutes a novel, unifying scheme. It is based on the introduction of "ballistic configurations" arising from a random partitioning of the length of a semiconducting sample into ballistic transport intervals. Stochastic averaging of the ballistic carrier currents over the ballistic configurations results in a position-dependent thermoballistic current, which is the key element of the thermoballistic concept and forms the point of departure for the calculation of all relevant transport properties. In the book, the thermoballistic concept and its implementation are developed in great detail and specific examples of interest to current research in semiconductor physics and spintronics are worked out.


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